Increase Membership Renewals with SMS

If you’re a membership manager, in any sector, you have the same goals – to recruit, retain and grow your membership.

When it comes to membership marketing; you’re probably always looking for different ways to reach out to new people, remind members to renew and develop the relationships you have with your current members.

Have you thought about using SMS?

Recruit – as with any business, it is important to recruit new customers in order to grow and develop as a company. Contact prospective customers with a low-cost SMS campaign, with a 98% open rate it’s the perfect platform to make sure your message gets read.

Retain – once your members are on board you need to keep them up to date with exciting content to remind them why they signed up and to ensure they stick with you. An SMS campaign is not only cost-effective but it’s immediate too.

Remind – how do your members know their membership is about to expire? Communicating this with them is key to ensure retention rates are maintained and improved. Automatically send an SMS reminder to members with their renewal date. Include a link in the message taking them straight to the renewal page and track click through rates with real-time reporting.

Renew – make sure it’s easy for customers to renew their membership and give them a good reason why they should. Renew before 1st January and get a 20% discount off your membership. With almost 100% read rate, you can ensure your offer gets seen.

Reward – once your members have signed up, you need to stay on their radar to ensure they see value in being a member. A simple text to update members on the latest benefits and offers is not only cost-effective for you but adds great value to the customers.

So why should you choose SMS over email or direct mail?

  • It’s delivered straight to your recipient’s pockets, most people have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7 so you can ensure your message will fall into the right hands.
  • It will get read. SMS have a 98% open rate so we can guarantee your message will be seen.
  • SMS is simple and quick to digest, ensuring customers get all the information they need on-the-go.
  • It’s cost-effective. You can communicate to all your members instantly; even with the smallest budget.
  • Customers love it. As phones continue to get smarter, SMS is holding its own as one of the most popular features and is not showing any signs of changing any time soon.

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