Text Dating

We love talking text here at FireText HQ and as its Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d take a break from the marketing chat and take a look at the relationship between text and romance.

Long gone are the days when poetry and love letters were used to woo a prospective date, even a phone call now seems a bit old fashioned. SMS or instant messaging is a much easier way of getting to know someone in those early days, but as you sit comfortably at home writing and re-writing your text until you sound vaguely funny and interesting, remember there are some definite perils to text dating.

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Speak correctly

‘Hw r u m8?’ is not attractive. You wouldn’t create your own lazy language if you were on the phone or face to face so why do it in text? It just makes you look stupid and makes the recipient confused.

Be yourself

You shouldn’t text anything you wouldn’t be prepared to say in person. Although text can be a great communication tool don’t use it to hide behind.

Don’t forget there is life outside of text

What do you mean you didn’t get an instant reply? Rude. Remember people have lives outside of texting you back and might actually be busy so don’t panic when you don’t get a response.

Don’t dump over text

Seriously? Nobody wants to break up with someone face to face but it’s much better in the long run to face your fears and do it in person.

Don’t only talk on text

Whilst text can be a great way of sharing a bit of banter without having to put too much effort in, it’s important to remember you are a human. Pick up the phone and make a call every now and again, or if you’re feeling really brave arrange a date in person!

Whilst texting can be a really useful communication and marketing tool; it is not ideal when used to communicate feelings. Without body language or facial expressions present, it can quite easily be taken the wrong way.

We say stick to SMS for marketing and customer service!

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