Start Sending SMS from Infusionsoft

This small guide will help you to start sending SMS messages directly within InfusionSoft.


Sending messages within Infusionsoft is pretty simple and uses FireText’s API.

To begin, you will need to setup a campaign within Infusionsoft using the campaign builder. If you need help setting up a campaign within Infusionsoft, please visit here.

Using the Send HTTP Post Element

Once you have your started building your campaign sequence, you simply need to decide at what stage you wish to send an SMS with FireText. For example, you may wish to send a text message after someone has subscribed to your SMS list, or perhaps after they’ve purchased a product from you.

Here, we use the ‘Send HTTP Post’ element.

1) Drag out the ‘Send HTTP Post’ element from the toolbar. Hint: It is located under the Process drop-down list.

2) Double click on the HTTP Post element, so we can edit it.

3) Here we want to enter some values.

First, we need to enter the FireText API URL in the POST URL field

Next, we need to enter some Name / Value Pairs. These are case sensitive.

Name Value Hints
apiKey Your FireText API KEY You can find your FireText API Key in your FireText account under Settings >> API.
to ~Contact.Phone1~ Here we are using the merge field for the contact’s phone number within Infusionsoft. You may want to target a different Phone field than the one shown. Typically, by default the Phone1 field is used however, your application may store mobile phone numbers in the Phone2 field.
message Hey ~Contact.FirstName~, welcome to FireText! Here you can enter a message. You can also add Infusionsoft’s merge fields to personalise your message too
from MyBusiness This is the name displayed when your customer receives your message. Just like within FireText, this can be your brand or your reply number. Maximum 11 alphanumeric characters

And that’s it! You’re now sending using Infusionsoft and FireText’s API. Don’t forget, you can use Zapier for this too. We have a handy blog here.

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