The Benefits of Using SMS Auto-Replies

When a customer contacts you by text message, or opts in to receive SMS updates from you, make sure you welcome them with open arms.


You can do this quite simply with an auto-reply; a customised response which is sent out to the recipient automatically when they get in touch or subscribe to your list. There are a number of benefits to using an auto-reply, for both you and your customers.


Your auto-reply will confirm you’ve received your customer’s text and let them know that action is being taken. Whether you’ve added them to a mailing list or are dealing with their enquiry, you can reassure them instantly that you have their message.


Confirming the service they have just signed up to will let them know exactly what to expect from you. If you will be sending regular messages out you can let them know here too so there’s no surprises.

opt-out. It will make customers feel at ease and in control.

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SMS auto-replies tend to be shorter than campaign messages, as they are usually just a gentle reminder or confirmation, however they don’t have to be. Like any other SMS you send, there is a maximum of 160 characters, so be sure to use as many of these as you need.

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