Easy Track and Trace with FireText SMS

Slowly our world has started returning to normality, after spending several months in the unknown, the Government has finally given the go-ahead for the hospitality industry to open its doors to the public. However, despite the relief and excitement of the lockdown beginning to lift, safety measures are still a high priority.

One safety measure that is being enforced is Restaurants and Bars have to implement a track and trace procedure, where they are required to collect the basic personal information from their customers, to help the Government combat the spread of the virus. It’s almost certain that as lockdown eases further other industries such as; education, retail, manufacturing and leisure, will need to follow suit with the requirement to implement track and trace procedures. 

As a leading supplier to the NHS and Public Sector FireText are a trusted and secure SMS provider, and we are ready to help your business too!

It’s as easy as:

1. Highlighting your FireText number and or QR code, for your customers to text or scan. 

2. Your customers will then be able to open the message and text their name to your reply number.

3. The message will appear in your FireText account with a contact number and a clear date and time, which you can also choose to export into a CSV file.

You have now collected your track and trace data accurately and in seconds!

Try it out yourself by dropping a text to 07984448313 or give the QR code below a scan.

track and trace with sms

You can sign up for a free FireText account here and start having a play around right away!

What is a FireText Number? 

A FireText Number is a dedicated SMS number for your business that you can rent from us. Customers can use this number to send SMS directly into your secure FireText account.

Your business can take advantage of a FireText reply number in order to help with your track and trace process. By simply requesting that customers text their name to your dedicated FireText reply number before you take their order, you will be able to easily and efficiently gather the data requested by the Government.

All of your received messages will then be visible within your FireText account, which means you will be able to see a clear date and time that the SMS message was received, a contact number and the name that they included within their message content. Should you need to, you can even decide to download this into a CSV report, with just a click of a button.

What’s awesome with this is that you can also choose to set up an auto-reply on your FireText reply number, meaning after your customer text’s in they will instantly receive a response back. This could be just a simple thank you SMS message to your customer, or, you could choose to provide a keyword within the SMS content that they can respond with to opt themselves in for future SMS updates. 

Using a QR Code to populate a SMS

Why not setup a QR code to pre-populate some SMS content too. It’s super easy for your customers to scan and then submit their track and trace message to you!

We recommend QR Code Monkey as an easy tool to create a QR Code.

This pre-populated SMS message could just request their name, your customer simply needs to enter in their info and hit send and then in a matter of seconds, you have collected your track and trace data. Then in the same way as above, you will be able to view all of your data within your FireText account.

Who are FireText?

FireText are a UK company providing SMS services for thousands of businesses from local owner-managed companies to some of the largest organisations in the country, as well as trusted by the NHS, the UK Government and many more! Our security credentials are market-leading and we just happen to be the highest rated SMS provider by our customers too!

Our team of friendly SMS experts are on standby to help you get this set up in preparation for the 4th of July so if you want to go over this in more detail please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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