Using SMS for gyms during COVID

Little by little the UK is easing its lockdown, however, plans around when gyms will be able to re-open remain vague. Although we may not know when people can re-enter, you could look to use SMS to help continue to engage with your customers.

One way that SMS could help, is to use a text keyword on FireText’s 82228 shortcode, to help continue to build up your customer base. A keyword works through advertising it, this could be on your social media platform, then when a customer texts your keyword to 82228 their details will instantly be saved into your FireText account.

This is a simple, yet effective way to continue to build your contact’s up so when your gym re-opens you have a list of people that you can fire out an SMS marketing campaign to.

Another way that you could look to use SMS is for online sessions. Within an SMS message, it is possible to include a trackable SMS link, this could be used to send out a bulk SMS message containing a link to a live-stream online workout. This would allow you to directly contact a group of gym junkies, and provide them with an easy route to the online-session.

Although it does not have to be a bulk SMS message, you could look to send out an SMS message on an individual basis. For example, ahead of a personal training session sending out an individual message to the participant would be a great way to personally contact them and maybe add a bit of pre-workout hype.

sms marketing for gyms

Alternatively, you could look to send out bulk SMS messages purely to motivate people to keep active. Sometimes, all people need is a little boost and receiving a simple message can be a fab way to remind people they are not alone. In times like these, it is a random act of kindness like this, that people will remember when normality resumes.

If looking to send out a bulk SMS message then a great feature within FireText that can be used is the personalisation tool. This will enable you to reach out to all your contact’s in one go, but also making each message personal to each person. Using this will make sure that your contact feels you have got in touch with them directly and so you are more likely to captivate their attention early on.

Then, looking to the future, when gyms are given the go-ahead to let clients back through the doors, a bulk SMS marketing campaign would be a perfect way to contact everyone. You can easily log into our online SMS web-portal upload all your contacts into your FireText account, compose your SMS message and instantly send it out to them, within a matter of minutes.

We hope these few ideas give you a bit of inspiration for ways that you could use SMS to keep in contact with your clients through the current circumstances we find ourselves in. If you ever wanted to chat through some ideas and bounce around some possible SMS plans then please just give us a shout, we are on standby to help out and never turn down the opportunity to talk about all things SMS.

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