What makes the perfect SMS Marketing Campaign?

SMS marketing campaigns are the perfect way for businesses to have instant direct communication with their customers. There are several aspects to ensuring your campaigns are effective, ranging from the content of your messages, the recipients and the time you choose to send out your text. However, the key thing to remember is that your business text messages don’t need to include all the information, the aim is to capture the attention of your audience in a short message while including the key points of your campaign and injecting personality from your business. 

You can then choose to include a call to action for further information. This could be a number to call, an email to touch base with or even a link to direct them to more information. By including a clear call to action you will also be able to easily track the success of your campaigns, whilst ensuring that your message remains short, sweet and eye-catching. 

What’s super handy is the FireText system is packed with SMS features that we are continuously developing, to ensure you can easily and efficiently personalise your message content. One of which is our URL tracker, that shortens your link down to just 20 characters, while also tracking exactly who has clicked at what time and on what device and at no extra cost, we can port your own shortened URL into the system using our SMS Vanity URL feature. Meaning you can take advantage of all the benefits of a trackable URL while maintaining consistent branding. 

Another great addition to our SMS platform is our custom fields and personalisation tool. These allow you to continue to send out bulk SMS campaigns to your contact list while being able to include personal details such as their name. It’s as easy as uploading the additional details with the mobile number, making sure to match the correct columns and your all set to include custom data within your text messages. Simply compose your message and by selecting the personalisation tool, you can decide which bits of custom data you want to include within your messages. By adding a personal touch, you will make the SMS message feel exclusive to your recipient, which will help increase your engagement rate.

A sense of urgency can also help to boost your SMS campaigns. Rather than giving customers a chance to think ‘I will come back to that later’ and potentially forget about it. Your business can generate some motivation within your message content from the start, that will cause your recipients to act instantly. Whether it’s a last-minute offer which is only available for two hours or a service that is due to expire at the end of the week, it will encourage customers to respond straight away. 

The FireText SMS platform also has the ability for you to include emojis within your text message, which is the perfect way to express emotion to your customers within your SMS campaigns. Sometimes it can be hard to get expression across in words, so emojis give you the opportunity to express happiness, excitement, urgency and all kinds of emotions within your campaigns. This allows your business to remain human to your audience, which will help to develop your relationship with your customers.

These are just a few of the top things to include in your SMS Marketing Campaigns. Our team of SMS experts are also on standby to offer tailor assistance for your business, whether you wanted to discuss the above ideas in more detail, or explore different message content ideas that will maximise your campaigns we will be here to help out, simply get in touch

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