You can send SMS text messages from your email!

With FireText you can send out bulk and individual messages from our user-friendly platform as well as being able to take advantage of our cutting-edge features. One of which is our super handy Email to SMS gateway, which allows you to send and receive messages through your favourite email client at no extra cost.

There is no development work involved when it comes to setting this up, it is simply a case of ‘whitelisting’ the email addresses you wish to send SMS messages from, once this has been done you simply create an email in the usual manner and send it to the FireText email to SMS address and your all set to go in a matter of minutes. Meaning you can send out your campaigns from the comfort of your inbox while still being able to receive the great results from an SMS campaign.

Send email to SMS

Sending your SMS text messages from your email can be super helpful for several companies, for example if you have multiple people using the account you can simply whitelist their emails and they can send out as and when they please, without the need for the login details, therefore helping you to manage your teams overall usage of the platform.

There would also be no need for any training programs to be put in place in order for employees to use the new system, as it would all be run through their email which I am sure is used on a daily basis, meaning they can send and receive their messages just like they would with a normal email! This is also helpful when it comes to referring back to any conversations with customers as they will be able to view both their emails and SMS conversations all in one place.

Additionally utilising email to SMS can be great when you’re on the move as it makes it super easy to send out messages from your mobile device. You would simply do it all through your mail app, making it super efficient and perfect for those last minute texts.

Get in touch with one of our friendly SMS gurus today, who will be on hand to help to get you up and running with FireText’s Email to SMS in a matter of minutes!

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