Drive sales this Black Friday with an awesome SMS campaign

It’s quickly become the biggest shopping day of the year, and on Black Friday you have 24 hours to maximise on the shopping hype; using a communication tool that’s going to get your message seen super-fast is an absolute must.

Your customers have a mobile device, it’s usually switched on and within arms reach 24/7, so there’s no better way to reach them than direct to their handset. Add this to the mobile commerce figures increasing every year and you’ve found a winning communication tool to boost your Black Friday sales – yay! 


You can’t look anywhere in the days leading up to Black Friday without offers being pushed on email, website, TV and pretty much everywhere you look. With the increase in businesses offering cut-price deals in the last few years, it won’t be long before customers start to become immune to the hype. Creating and sending a personalised SMS campaign is sure to make you stand out from your competitors. Try adding their first name into the message, sign it off from someone in the team or include information on a product you know they’re interested in to make your offer more appealing.


95% of text messages are opened within 5 minutes of being received, meaning if your message is time-bound, it’s the perfect tool to communicate. With so many emails hitting your inbox everyday, not everyone reads or actions them instantly, especially if they’re out and about, when was the last time you left a text message unread for longer than a few hours? A text campaign is the perfect communication solution to send out your Black Friday offers which are only available for a very short time.

Direct links

Text messages are powerfully simple. Yes, you get a maximum of 160-characters, but this doesn’t mean you cant convert sales in this short space, include direct links in your message and send customers straight to your app or website to make purchases. You can use our URL shortner to save characters and track who’s clicked and at what time too which means you know exactly how your campaign is performing. If you’re tracking ecommerce too in Google Analytics you can even see how much that customer has spent.

Get your campaigns set-up and scheduled today so you’re ready for the madness of Black Friday on 24th November.

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