How restaurants can use SMS Marketing to recover from COVID-19

The Prime Minister recently made the announcement that changes to our current lockdown will start to be made, as the UK starts to edge back towards normality. With this being the case, now is the perfect time to start generating a recovery marketing plan to establish how to reach out to your customer base.

While there are various channels that can be used to communicate with your customers, during the current times a personalised and direct approach is going to help you stand out from the crowd and an SMS marketing campaign is a perfect way to achieve this. 

Here at FireText, we want to help out by giving some ideas of how you can effectively use SMS marketing to communicate with your customers:

Keep the content of your SMS message short, sharp and snappy. To get your point across to your customers it is best to remove any fluffy jargon from your message content. This will help to ensure that you keep your audience captivated. The best way to think about this is, it’s about the quality of your message, rather than the quantity of it. 

If not wanting to send out an SMS marketing campaign to all your customers then you could opt to send out a targeted SMS campaign message to certain customers, rather than a large bulk text to all of your contacts. For example, you could send out a cheeky discounted voucher to your loyal customers, enticing them to put an order in. 

You could look to include some emoji’s within your text message, this simple little tool can really help to add an extra punch within your SMS campaign. Also, through the addition of visual content within your SMS message, it can help to split up the text which overall makes the message content easier and lighter to read. 


Another idea could be to include a URL link within your SMS message content to provide your customers with a direct route through to your webpage. Offering your customers the simple option to select a URL, within an SMS message, will help to encourage them to engage and visit your website. What’s awesome is that we have our own built-in URL tracker too! This not only allows you to track exactly who has clicked on your link, at what time and on what device but it also shortens your link down to just 20 characters. 

A great tool that can be used, to grow your customer base, is an SMS keyword on a shortcode. Having a keyword on our 82228 shortcodes is a great way to offer an opt-in to your customers, and their details to be saved into your account. Through simply advertising your keyword and shortcode it enables your customers to text and opt-in, they then get saved as a contact and moving forward you have their details to send SMS marketing campaigns. 

We hope that these few little tips will help give you a bit of inspiration for ways in which you can effectively utilise SMS as a marketing tool to reach out to your customers and directly communicate with them during the current times. However, if you want to bounce around any ideas then just give us a shout, we are always happy to help out and have a chat about all things SMS! 

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