5 Reasons Your Customers Appreciate Text Message Marketing

Many businesses hesitate to initiate a text message marketing campaign due to an erroneous belief that customers do not appreciate receiving texts from businesses. However, a recent survey demonstrates the opposite: 64 percent of people believe businesses should use SMS more often to communicate with customers, and 70 percent believe it is an effective medium for commercial interaction.

Text messaging marketing

A majority of people want businesses to use texting for communication.

No matter your industry, your clients and customers will appreciate receiving messages from your business through text, especially due to the following five reasons.


The number one reason that customers appreciate text message marketing is its convenience. A large portion of the population now owns a mobile phone, and the majority of those consumers keep it within arms reach at all times. When people head out, one of the items they almost always carry with them is a cell phone. Therefore, reading messages from companies, especially receiving offers and deals, is much more convenient through text messages than any other medium. They do not have to worry about having Internet service to receive the message, they can read it from almost anywhere, and when they want to redeem the offer, they can easily just show the message on their phone at the designated location.

Environmentally Friendly

A large portion of the population is trying to reduce their impact on the environment. One way to do this is mobile coupons. When you send out offers and discounts through text message, your customers do not have to worry about printing anything out in order to redeem them, making it a much more environmentally friendly approach. Your business can also rely on text messages to send receipts, reminders, and many other types of information, which also reduces your environmental impact.

Relevant Deals and Discounts

Text messaging marketing

People appreciate relevant, targeted deals and discounts.

Text marketing is opt-in only, which means that your clients and customers most likely already patronising your establishment and want to receive the messages because they find them relevant. It is also easy to create targeted messages based on the behaviour and demographics of your audience. Adding personalisation to your messages makes your offers seem more relevant to your customers than those found through other marketing channels. It also decreases the chance that customers perceive your messages as spam.


Text messages are not just a one-way channel of communication. This unique channel also offers the opportunity to receive messages from your mobile subscribers to increase the level of engagement with your business. There are several types of interactive options for your campaign, including surveys, contests, questionnaires, and polls. You can also incorporate your text message service as an aspect of your customer service program. A majority of people — (52 percent) — would more likely text for customer service help than call or use other forms of communication.


Customers also appreciate commercial texting initiatives for the help they can provide. Many companies utilise SMS for appointment reminders, which helps to reduce the number of no-shows for a mutually beneficial service. Customers also find it helpful when companies send out tips relevant to the company, such as suggested maintenance for mechanic businesses or health tips from physicians.

Text message marketing provides you an opportunity to effectively engage and communicate with your customers. More importantly, it is a marketing channel that customers appreciate, increasing its efficacy, while also helping you to stand apart from your competition. If you want to see how text messages can benefit your business, then try FireText for free today!

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